Roll Trigger Kit






Many bullseye shooters had been looking for a “roll” feel trigger. As a pistolsmith for many years I knew all too well how difficult it was to try and get a roll trigger. But even if I was able to get what I felt was a good roll trigger they tended not to last very long.

In 2012 I was approached by Brian Zins about a new gun company, Cabot Guns. I assisted in working on 4 team guns for the first year that Cabot supported a team. Brian shoots a roll trigger and is a very big proponent of that feel. He has been teaching that trigger squeeze in his clinics for many years now. I built his trigger with one of the modified hammers I had and he was very pleased with the length of the roll as well as the feel of the roll. Due to limitations on how the hooks were cut on an existing product the trigger didn’t last as long or as well as I wanted. Back to the search for a better source of supply for this idea.

We now have our own dedicated manufacturer for our hammer. And we gave it a very unique shape spur just to add a bit more to the fun of making your own parts. The “Battleaxe” was born at Camp Perry 2013 and now a full set of parts complete the process. I approached Chuck Warner about his true radius (TR) sear. Through conversation with Chuck he agreed that his sear would be the perfect compliment to the roll trigger kit, and that is the sear used today.

We invite you to enjoy a roll trigger feel release with our new trigger set. So now you can use your Battleaxe to “Roll into the X-Ring!”

If you have oversized hammer and sear pins in your gun my kit WILL NOT fit. I need measurements of your hammer and sear pins so I can ream the pin holes to the correct size. There will be an additional charge of $10.00 to do this and those parts WILL NOT be returnable.

Battle Axe kit $190.00
CMP kit $195.00
Teardrop kit $192.50

These prices do not include sales tax and shipping costs.

If your pistol has a stock GI grip safety either the CMP or the Battle Axe hammers will work.
If your pistol has a beavertail grip safety either the Battle Axe or the Teardrop will work.



Please let me know how you found out about my site and the roll trigger kit. Also if you have any additional thoughts I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time and thoughts!


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