Greg M.

” I have had a number of 1911 variants gone thru by KCs Kustom Creations, Para, STI and even a GSG-1911. All the work has been top notch, and the level of customer service unsurpassed. Some of these had been smithed by big name gunsmiths and were problematic, and were made to run by KC. The quality of the work and time it took to turn them around made the price well worth every bit of it. I could not be happier and have referred my friends without hesitation.”

Frank G.

I first met KC at Camp Perry and he spent time with me to work through some trigger issues I was having. I was fortunate enough to have one of the original trigger kits and absolutely love it. If you like a roll trigger, this is the trigger to have. The action is incredibly smooth and very consistent. I plan to have it on all my 1911s and my first one has gotten better with use. Whenever I talk with someone about triggers and they try my gun with KC’s trigger, the reaction is always the same: “WOW”. Frank G., Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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You are on a large (or larger) screen. Foundation 6 got lazy and did away with the extra-large sizes, but still left the breakpoint at the high end of large, meaning that this disappears if you leave it at .show-for-large-only...

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